Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Buying guides for the best wireless earbuds under $100

These days, many shoppers are looking for the best wireless earbuds that provide great sound and style without breaking the bank. If you’re among those bargain hunters, we have good news: there are plenty of reliable options to choose from on today’s market, all at prices that start under $100.

Wireless Earbuds Under $100

In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the top-rated choices across different categories so you can find a set of wireless earbuds that meet your needs while staying within your budget.

What are wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds provide a truly immersive listening experience, with no extra wires. Using Bluetooth technology and an advanced single transceiver to convert audio signals into electrical pulses, the user is able to enjoy superior sound quality without any physical connection required between the device and both ears.

Benefits of wireless earbuds under $100

Here are some benefits of using wireless earbuds under $100:

1) You don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires when you are moving around. This is perfect for anyone who works out regularly or likes to walk outside while listening to music on their smartphone or tablet device.

2) Wireless earbuds provide better sound quality than most other types of headphones or earphones due to the fact that there is no interference from wires transmitting signals between two devices (such as an MP3 player). This means that your music will sound clearer and crisper than ever before!

3) Wireless earbuds come with a variety of different features that make it easier for users to listen to their favorite songs while working out at the gym or running errands around town during the day (or night). These include hands-free calling, noise cancellation, and voice commands.

4) Wireless earbuds are usually much more comfortable than their wired counterparts, as there is no pressure from wires on the ears or head. This is perfect for those who don’t want to be distracted by an uncomfortable fit while listening to music.

Pros and Cons of wireless earbuds under $100


  • Wireless earbuds are great for those who listen to music while working out or running. They don’t have to worry about accidentally pulling the cord and losing their music, which can be a huge distraction when you’re trying to focus on your workout.
  • These headphones are also great if you’re traveling and want to listen to music on the plane or in the car without having to deal with tangled cords.
  • Wireless earbuds can offer better sound quality than wired options, as well as the convenience of not having to worry about cords.
  • They are also more affordable than other types of headphones and many wireless earbuds under $100 provide great sound quality for the price.


  • Some users report that wireless earbuds can be uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time, due to their small size and lack of padding. This may be a problem if you’re planning on using them for longer listening sessions.
  • Battery life may also be an issue with some models, so it’s important to check reviews before purchasing to make sure that the battery will last long enough for your needs.
  • Wireless earbuds may not be ideal for noise canceling, as there is no way to completely block out outside sounds.

How to use wireless earbuds?

  1. Charge your earbuds: Before using your wireless earbuds, make sure they are fully charged. This is essential to ensure that you have a good listening experience without interruption. Most wireless earbuds come with their own charging case which can be used for recharging the earbuds when not in use.
  2. Pairing your device with the earbuds: After ensuring that the earbuds are charged, connect them to your devices such as a smartphone or laptop by activating its Bluetooth settings and selecting “Connect” from the list of available devices. Once connected, the device should indicate that it has successfully paired with the wireless earbuds.
  3. Adjusting the Fit: Once connected, adjust the fit of the earbuds by rotating or changing their position in your ears. This will ensure that they are firmly seated and won’t fall off when you move around. In addition, adjusting the fit also helps to improve sound quality as it reduces external noise from entering your ears.
  4. Adjusting volume and controls: After ensuring a secure fit, you can then begin to adjust the volume and control settings on your device accordingly until you reach a comfortable level of listening. Most wireless earbuds also come with additional features such as noise cancellation which can be turned on or off depending on your preferences.
  5. Enjoy Music: You are now ready to enjoy music wirelessly! To pause or skip tracks, simply press the relevant button on your earbuds.
  6. Disconnecting: When you are done listening to music, remember to safely disconnect from your device. To do this, simply go back into your Bluetooth settings and select “Disconnect” from the list of connected devices. This will ensure that the connection between both devices is securely severed and prevents any unwanted connections with other devices in the future.
  7. Storing: Lastly, store your earbuds properly when not in use by returning them to their respective case for charging or just storing them away until next time! It is important to take good care of your earbuds as it affects their longevity and performance over time. With proper usage, your wireless earbuds can last you many enjoyable music listening experiences.

Common mistakes when using wireless earbuds under $100

– Not paying attention to battery life: Wireless earbuds are great, but they don’t last forever. Make sure to check how long the battery life is on your pair and keep an eye on how much you’re using them throughout the day.

– Neglecting sound quality: Just because these headphones are cheap doesn’t mean that they can be of low quality. Make sure to look out for reviews and find a pair with good sound quality.

– Not investing in a carrying case: It’s important to protect your investment and a carrying case will help keep your wireless earbuds safe from scratches or damage when not being used.

– Forgetting about noise cancellation technology: Noise cancellation is especially useful if you plan on using your earbuds in noisy environments. Make sure to find a pair with good noise cancellation capabilities.

– Not researching before buying: Researching is key when it comes to finding the best wireless earbuds under 100. Read reviews and compare features between different models to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

– Not taking advantage of warranties: Many companies offer warranties if anything goes wrong with your product so make sure to take advantage of this and protect yourself from potential problems.

Factors to consider before buying wireless earbuds under $100

Battery Life: The battery life of your wireless earbuds is important because it determines how long you can use them before needing to recharge. Look for models with at least 6 hours of play time and make sure to check the charging case capacity too.

Sound Quality: You want your music and podcasts to sound great, so look for models that offer a balanced sound profile without too much bass or treble distortion. Check out reviews from other users to get an idea of the sound quality before buying.

Comfort: Because most wireless earbuds are tucked away in your ears all day, comfort is key. Try on different sizes and styles of tips in-store if possible, or read user reviews to find out which ones are most comfortable for extended listening sessions.

Connectivity: Wireless earbuds should connect easily to your device and stay connected without any dropouts or interference from other wireless signals. Check the specs to make sure they support the latest Bluetooth standards and look for models with aptX technology for improved sound quality.

Durability: Wireless earbuds can be pricey, so you want them to last as long as possible. Look for models with an IPx rating of at least 4, which means they’re sweat-proof and can withstand splashes of water or rain. Some models even come with a case that provides an extra layer of protection when not in use.

Price: You want to make sure you get a good deal for your money. Set a budget and stick to it, but also remember that you often get what you pay for in terms of sound quality and features. Spend some time researching different models and finding the best one within your price range.

Additional Features: Some wireless earbuds come with features such as noise-canceling, touch controls, and audio sharing capabilities – all of which can be useful depending on how you plan to use them. Look through the specs to see if there are any additional features that appeal to you.

Weight: The weight of the earbuds can be important for comfort, especially if you plan on wearing them for long periods of time. Look for lightweight models that won’t put too much strain on your ears.

Style: Wireless earbuds come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors – so you want to make sure you choose one that fits your personal style. Try out different options and pick something that looks good with all your outfits.

Warranty: Many manufacturers offer warranties with their wireless earbuds so make sure to check what’s included before buying. A good warranty should cover any defects or accidents that occur during normal use and last at least 1 year.

Customer Service: If you ever run into an issue with your earbuds, you want to make sure you can get help quickly. Look for brands with good customer service ratings and read user reviews on the quality of their support team.

Material: The material used in the construction of the earbuds affects both comfort and durability. Look for models made from strong yet lightweight materials such as plastic or aluminum that won’t cause discomfort after extended use.

Brand: Consider the brand of the earbuds you’re buying as well. Bigger brands usually offer better customer service and more reliable products, but there are also plenty of smaller companies making good quality earbuds too. Read reviews to make sure you’re getting the best product for your money.

Tips to use wireless earbuds

  1. Make sure your device is compatible with the earbuds you have chosen. Some wireless earbuds may not be compatible with certain devices, so it’s important to double check before purchasing them.
  2. Charge your wireless earbuds regularly and avoid damaging their battery life. Most high-quality wireless earbuds will come with a charging case that should be used to keep the buds charged between uses.
  3. Utilize noise cancellation features when available on your model of wireless earbuds. This can help minimize background noise and allow you to focus more on the audio coming through your headphones.
  4. Ensure that the fit of your wireless earbuds is comfortable; some earbuds may come with various sized or shaped tips to ensure a secure fit.
  5. Be aware of the battery life of your wireless earbuds before heading out for the day. Depending on your model, you might only get around five hours of use before needing to recharge them.
  6. Keep track of where you put your wireless earbuds when not in use; it can be easy to misplace them if they’re not carefully stored away.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the different functions and settings available for your model of wireless earbuds, such as volume control, Bluetooth connectivity options, etc.
  8. Clean your wireless earbuds regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris.
  9. Avoid getting your wireless earbuds wet; most models are not waterproof and should be kept away from moisture.
  10. Make sure to store your wireless earbuds in their charging case when not in use in order to protect them from accidental damage caused by falls or drops.


How can I improve my wireless earbuds sound quality?

  1. Use a High-Quality Audio Source: Using a high-quality audio source can make a huge difference in the sound quality of your wireless earbuds. Choose to stream music from services such as Spotify Premium, Apple Music, or Tidal that offer lossless audio formats such as FLAC and ALAC (Apple Lossless). This will provide you with a higher level of detail and clarity than compressed formats like MP3s.
  2. Check Your Wireless Earbud Settings: Most wireless earbuds come with their own settings app or website so you can customize them to your preferences. Check the settings on your earbuds for options like noise canceling, equalizer settings, and more – these may help improve the sound quality of your wireless earbuds.
  3. Upgrade Your Ear Tips: If your ear tips don’t fit properly in your ears, the sound can be distorted or muffled. Make sure to replace worn-out ear tips with new ones for a better listening experience. Consider using foam or silicone ear tips as they provide a better seal than plastic or rubber options and help block out background noise so you can enjoy a more immersive audio experience.
  4. Try Different Placement Options: The placement of wireless earbuds can also play a role in their sound quality. You should experiment by placing them in different positions in your ears until you find the optimal position that provides the best bass response and clarity.  
  5. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings: Wireless earbuds are susceptible to interference from other wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers or Bluetooth speakers. Try to keep your listening area free from any sources of interference and be aware that certain surfaces like metal can cause a noticeable level of interference.
  6. Clean Your Earbuds Regularly: Over time, dirt and earwax can build up on the contacts of the earbuds which can reduce sound quality. Make sure to clean them regularly with a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol for optimal performance.

How long do wireless earbuds last?

True wireless earbuds offer an impressive lifespan. With proper care, these devices can last up to three years and provide reliable audio quality during that time! Even with frequent use, users will likely get around two years of life out of their earbuds before needing a replacement.


In sum, the best wireless earbuds under 100 are those that provide a balance of features, sound quality, and price. While there are many models on the market vying for your attention, we hope our list has helped you narrow down the selection to find the perfect pair of earbuds for your needs.

Do you have any other suggestions for great wireless earbuds under $100? Let us know in the comments below!

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